My name is Dawn Glesener and life changed for me when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (coupled with gluten, dairy, soy, egg and yeast intolerances) in February of 2011.  It was the last thing I expected!  My husband’s side of the family had been dealing with the disease for the past 20 years so I was very aware of the lifestyle.  I just wasn’t prepared for it to happen to ME!  I thought at that point that it was  a DEATH SENTENCE to my taste buds!  Well…..being the creative person that I was, an artist and photographer, (who also happened to love to cook) I started finding every way I could to make my food taste like the original recipes—only without gluten, dairy, soy, eggs and yeast.  Also, being the picky eater who grew up on comfort foods, I wanted to make sure that my recipes were good enough that I could bring them to a potluck– not tell anyone that they were modified– and no one would know the difference.  And now I would like to share these magical substitutions with others who suffer with “lifeless” taste buds due to intolerances.


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